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Unlike the general public, real hip-hop heads don’t pay attention to what’s popular in music, we only pay attention to the best music hip-hop has to offer.



Hip-Hop Artist Akala on -

Being A Man 2014 | Being a Black Man

A panel including hip-hop artist Akala, CEO of Working With Men Shane Ryan, writer and broadcaster Ekow Eshun and filmmaker, theatre director and writer Topher Campbell look at the contradictory and complex ideas around Black masculinity and what tensions arise from stereotypes, colonial histories and economic power.

Good lord…


Universal Transmissions (Unique Limited set of 4 Archıval prints)

These Unique sets of limited edition numbered and signed prints are printed with Organic Archival Inks and certain vital area descriptions and illustrations are treated with a special purple foil.

This is a very limited run of 10 numbered sets of 4 prints each all printed at a size of 32 X 43 cm at the price of €130 or $175 (for 4) 

Only these 10 limited sets are available for this special price. All sales go to creating and developing the rest of this Pan-Dimensional Manuscript containing universal transmissions based on concepts of transcending syntax and linguistics..

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By Hakan HISIM